Exploring This Website: FAQ

To help you find your way around the complex and growing materials of this website - now over 350 pages, three quarters of a million words, and 2000 images - here are some tips for navigating. You can discover resources here concerning Ronald Coase and New Institutional Economics, archives of workshops and conferences, the work of the Institute, news of alumni, upcoming events, and more. Creating this website from its beginning in early 2000 to its present size - one page at a time - is my continually exhilarating and challenging task. Working together with the many hundreds of individuals included in these pages is a delight. I hope you'll enjoy exploring!
                            -Alexandra Benham

1. Where can I find scholars who are doing research in a given field?
Go to the professional profiles of our workshop alumni. Click on the headings to sort by name, field, research specialization, affiliation, location, etc. (This is an expanding resource designed for use inside and outside our immediate network.)

2. Is someone an alumnus of the Coase Institute?
Find out by perusing the official directory which lists all workshop alumni.

3. Where can I find out more about the workshops, how they are conducted, and participants' assessments of them?
Go to About the Workshops and follow the links for the topics that interest you.

4. How can I find out when a new workshop is being offered?
What's New announces new workshops immediately and provides details about any that are currently accepting applications.

5. Where do I find details of a particular past workshop?
The Archives page lists all past workshops, with links to their programs, abstracts, faculty, participants, and other photos.

6. What types of abstracts were chosen for previous workshops?
Starting at the Archives page, follow the links to the abstracts of some recent workshops.  View the abstracts that were selected for those events.

7. How do I find out who from my country has attended an earlier workshop?
The official directory lists the country of citizenship for all alumni. Or for alumni who have provided their professional details, go to the professional profiles and sort the database by citizenship.

8. How can I suggest a venue for a future workshop?
Contact us at the Coase Institute, or contact Mary Shirley or Alexandra Benham.

9. What are the benefits of co-sponsoring a workshop?
Learn about this at why co-sponsor a workshop.

10. Which universities and organizations have already co-sponsored workshops?
See the list of past co-sponsors of our workshops and conferences.

11. How else can I contribute to the Coase institute?
Go to Make a Gift for information on how to make a donation directly - and how to contribute by shopping on AmazonSmile.

12. Where can I learn more about Ronald Coase and his work?
Go to About Ronald Coase and follow the links there to his publications, CV, selected speeches, an acclaimed collection of online materials, and more.

13. How can I find out more about New Institutional Analysis?
About New Institutional Analysis provides links to a core NIE glossary (also in Chinese and Arabic versions), translations of key terms into 20 languages, reading lists, and many other resources.

14. Where can I see what the Coase Institute has been doing recently?
Visit the recent activities page.

15. Where can I see past workshop faculty?
See our list of all past faculty. For faculty in specific workshops, see Archives.

16. What does the logo of the Coase Institute stand for?
Read about our logo and pin.

17. Where can I find information about current conferences and job listings in institutional fields?
See the bulletin board.

18. Where can I find videos that are posted or linked on this website?
Go to the video finder.

19. Where else can I search for topics not mentioned here?
Try the search box at the top right of every page. Enter the term of interest and then click, to obtain a Google custom search of the website.
Also - explore our site map!