The Logo and the Pin of the Institute

About the Logo

The logo of the Coase Institute pays homage to esthetic sensibilities during the early years of Ronald Coase, when the spare and graceful designs of the Scottish architect/watercolorist Charles Rennie McIntosh became a major influence in Great Britain, Europe, and America. My design for the logo was influenced by his work.

The symbolic meaning of the logo - nine blue diamonds harmoniously arranged - can be drawn from a realm of lifelong interest to Ronald Coase: China. By Chinese tradition, 9 is a homophone for "everlasting." It is considered an auspicious number, representing the highest and most respected level, and a state of perfection. It brings long life - filled with happiness, friendship, and love.

The logo can also represent nine core concepts of new institutional economics:

transaction costsproperty rights
credible commitment

-Alexandra Benham

About the Pin

Pin of the Ronald Coase Institute

The pins were later designed and presented as a gift by a generous friend of the Institute. Workshop participants and faculty receive them during graduation ceremonies. Those who wear the pin are therefore identifiable as alumni and faculty of the Ronald Coase Institute workshops.

Wearing Coase Institute pins after graduation

2013 Xiamen graduates display their pins after the ceremony.