About the Institute

To better understand how real economic systems work,
 so that individuals and societies have greater opportunities
  to improve their well-being.

Our Approach
The Ronald Coase Institute encourages careful, useful analysis
of the institutions that govern real economies and affect transaction costs.

  • We promote comparative analysis and collaboration across countries and disciplines.
  • We select outstanding young scholars with an interest in understanding rules and policies and their consequences.
  • We build their capacity to analyze institutions, support their research over time, and involve them in a community of outstanding scholars.
  • We help them communicate their findings to policy makers, scholars, students, and the wider public.

Research Advisor
  Ronald Coase (deceased)

  Mary M. Shirley, President
  Philip Keefer, Vice-President
  Alexandra Benham, Secretary
  Claude Ménard, Treasurer

Board of Directors
  Lee K. Benham
  Scott Gehlbach
  Philip Keefer
  Gary D. Libecap
  Claude Ménard
  Roger Myerson
  Sam Peltzman
  Mary M. Shirley
  Chenggang Xu

Senior Fellow
  Ning Wang

  The Ronald Coase Institute
  6346 Waterman Avenue
  St. Louis, Missouri 63130