Why Co-Sponsor a Ronald Coase Institute
Workshop on Institutional Analysis

Join outstanding universities around the world in co-sponsoring these workshops.
Universities who have done so include the University of Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis, Indiana University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Xiamen University, the University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, University of Sao Paulo, Diego Portales University, Universidad de los Andes, Tel Aviv University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, University of Economics in Bratislava, Estonian Business School, Pompeu Fabra University, and University of Warsaw, as well as many foundations and other organizations. See the complete list here.

Be part of an internationally noted scholarly network.
Since 2001 these workshops have trained promising young scholars with the potential to be intellectual leaders and to excel in institutional research. Selection is competitive, and faculty around the world encourage their students to apply. Ronald Coase was our founding research advisor. Nobel laureates on our board have included Kenneth Arrow, Douglass North, and Elinor Ostrom, and currently Roger Myerson. Many prominent scholars are part of our faculty. See information on past workshop faculty here.

Our workshop faculty are available before the workshop to work with the host university’s PhD students, give seminars or participate in conferences, or meet with faculty, students, and the general public.
For example, a special PhD day was held before our recent Warsaw workshop. During this day, PhD students selected by the University of Warsaw presented their research, followed by discussion by our faculty.  The students also had one-on-one consultations with the faculty and found the experience highly valuable. At many workshops our faculty have participated in conferences or offered one-day seminars to participants at the host university. Some faculty have formed lasting bonds with host universities, serving later as lecturers or visiting faculty there. 

The host university’s support helps young scholars to attend the workshops, thereby contributing to their careers and to building much-needed intellectual capital.
Around 81% of our participants come from developing and transitional countries. The hosts also contribute to fostering a global body of research on identifying and overcoming institutional obstacles to growth and opportunity.

The workshops assist the host university to know and be known by excellent young scholars around the world.
Workshop participants are selected for having the potential to do research that is important for their countries and their intellectual fields. Past participants, who come from 76 countries, include many who are now established scholars, tenured professors, heads of organizations, and government advisors. For example: a professor of economics at the University of Maryland who recently served as Deputy Minister of the Treasury for Argentina; the Dean of the National School of Development at Peking University and Director of the China Center for Economic Research there, who is also a government advisor and commentator; a chaired professor in public policy at the University of Chicago who is also a visiting professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and a research fellow at centers in London and Stockholm.

The Coase Institute has developed a format that delivers maximum effect in a brief time period.
Participants tell us that these workshops have changed their way of doing research and even their lives.

“That workshop…influenced my entire career…. The RCI introduced me to a whole new body of literature on institutional economics that I had not been very familiar with before, and it changed the course of my intellectual development path. It not only influenced the topics which I ended up studying, but it also, and in more subtle ways, influenced the way that I conducted causal analysis more broadly.” 

“I think I’ve received more feedback in this week...than I have in the three years I’ve been into my PhD.” 

“This is the best workshop I ever attended. It inspired me to become a scholar.” 

If your university is interested in co-sponsoring a workshop, please contact us at
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