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2023 Allied Social Science Association Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA), which includes the American Economic Association (AEA), will take place January 6-8, 2023. The meetings are planned to take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Proposals for papers or complete sessions for the AEA program can be submitted electronically here starting March 1, 2022. Special encouragement is for proposals on research about impacts of and policy responses to economic disruption, with special focus on labor markets. The deadline for submissions for individual papers is April 1, 2022 and for complete sessions is April 15, 2022.

The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE) will hold its annual conference August 24-26, 2023. The meeting is planned to take place at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. See subsequent information here.


SIOE (formerly ISNIE) Awards
SIOE (ISNIE) is awarding four prizes in institutional and organizational economics on a continuing basis. They are named for four Nobel laureates closely linked to the Society:

Ronald Coase Best Dissertation Award (annual)

Oliver Williamson Best Conference Paper Award - for the best paper delivered at the SIOE conference (annual)

Douglass North Best Paper or Book Award - for the best research in institutional and organizational economics published during the previous two years (biennial)

Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award - for sustained significant academic contributions to the field (biennial).

In 2023 the Coase, Ostrom, and Williamson awards will be conferred. See nomination and selection procedures.


Stigler Center, University of Chicago - Affiliate Fellowship
The Stigler Center offers non-resident 3-year appointments to scholars worldwide working on political economy, regulatory capture, and competitive markets.Pre-tenure and recently tenured scholars (<5 years) worldwide are encouraged to apply. See further information here.

University of Goettingen, Germany - Postdoctoral Fellowships in Development Economics
The University of Goettingen is offering Stephan Klasen Fellowships to two postdoctoral fellows for a one-year scientific exchange in development economics (no teaching required). Candidates from low- and middle-income countries with a PhD in development economics are eligible to apply. The fellowships will be advertised annually. See details here.

University of Urbino, Italy - PhD Program in Global Studies
The University of Urbino offers a PhD program in global studies, with the 2021-2022 program focusing on international economic policy, business, and governance. This is a three-year program with English as the working language. Ten positions will be offered, including 9 with scholarships. See details here.


The Economic Analysis of Law Review
The current issue of The Economic Analysis of Law Review is available online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. EconLit now includes this journal in its index. Editor Ivo T. Gico Jr. (2008 Beijing workshop alumnus) invites you to submit for review your papers that apply economic analysis or related methodologies to study legal issues through innovative perspectives.

The International Journal of Sustainable Real Estate and Construction Economics
Editor in chief Rita Li (2008 Philipines workshop alumna) invites Coase Institute workshop participants and alumni to submit for review their papers that deal with sustainable real estate and economics, emphasizing the application of economic theory. See details.

Also see Research Requests.