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Webworkshop on Institutional Analysis
Online workshop December 1-8, 2021

Applications are closed

We are excited to offer a new online program for young scholars worldwide adapted from our established workshops on institutional analysis. This new program is the Ronald Coase Institute Webworkshop on Institutional Analysis.

Some participants and faculty From 2019 Warsaw workshop
Simulation with recent participants and faculty

Attend this small and highly focused online workshop to
   Present your research in new ways and receive extensive feedback from faculty and other participants:
     first informally in a small group,
     then formally before the entire workshop.
     Participate in an elevator-pitch competition to summarize your research in one minute.
   Receive intensive mentoring from six full-time faculty throughout. Additional faculty will join them to comment on final presentations.
   Hear faculty including a Nobel laureate discuss institutional research and strategies to formulate questions, develop analysis, and communicate results.
   Network closely with faculty and other young scholars who have an enduring interest in institutional analysis. Upon graduation, become part of a scholarly network with alumni from 76 countries.
   To encourage excellent interactions, the scale will be small:
12 participants and 6 core faculty
, plus lecturers and discussants.

The webworkshop will meet during 4 days within the period December 1-8, 2021, with 3-4 hours of sessions each day. Meeting days willl alternate with break days to give participants time to reflect on ideas and to revise presentations. Participants must attend all online sessions with their cameras on, and give as well as receive feedback. The pace will be focused and rewarding.

Who is eligible?
Social scientists early in their academic/professional careers and advanced graduate students, in economics, political science, law, and other social sciences.
Work already published is not eligible, and participants of earlier Coase Institute workshops are not eligible to apply here.

The 12 participants will be selected competitively on the basis of their research abstracts, CVs, and references.  Abstracts will be evaluated on the clarity and importance of the research question, analysis, and institutional focus.  Projects with empirically testable implications are preferred. Admissions decisions will be announced by the start of November.

Applications are closed

The registration fee to attend the webworkshop is $200 USD.

Faculty will include Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Lee Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Philip Keefer (Inter-American Development Bank), Gary Libecap (University of California - Santa Barbara, emeritus), Claude Menard (University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne, emeritus), John Nye (George Mason University), Roger Myerson (University of Chicago), and Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), plus additional faculty who will also comment on final presentations.

Organizers and administrator
The organizers are Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute) and Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute).  The administrator is Darin Hargis (Ronald Coase Institute).

Learn more about past workshops here.

Faculty Receive Lifetime Awards at SIOE 2021

During the the 2021 conference of the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE), the 2021 Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Avner Greif and to Gary Libecap for their sustained and significant contributions to institutional and organizational economics. Both have served as faculty in Coase Institute workshops.

Webinar by David Skarbek

David Skarbek discussed the use of qualitative methods in the social sciences and why using them can be especially valuable for analyzing institutions. A Q&A session followed.
|Webinar on Using Qualitative Methods to Analyze Institutions|

Webinar by Sam Peltzman

Sam Peltzman discussed the editorial process that articles undergo when they are submtted to economics journals, with a detailed analysis of this process at The Journal of Law and Economics. He discussed major trends that journal editors perceive currently, and offered his advice to young scholars. A Q&A session followed.
|Webinar on Economics Journals: An Editor's View|

Mary Shirley in Podcast

Technology Policy Institute's podcast "Two Think Minimum" recently featured Mary Shirley on the role that institutions play in economic development. Speaking with Scott Wallsten and Sarah Oh of TPI, she discussed the importance of intellectual freedom and a vibrant marketplace for ideas. See Podcast.

Webinar by Colin Xu

Colin Xu shared his philosophy for dealing with research challenges in a Coase Institute webinar, March 4, 2021. He offered insights from Zen to assist young scholars in finding their career path, moving along the path, and sustaining their drive. A Q&A session followed.
|Webinar on Practicing Economics via Zen|

Webinar by Gary Libecap and Dean Lueck

Gary Libecap and Dean Lueck discussed their path-breaking research on land demarcation systems during the inaugural webinar of the Ronald Coase Institute, December 1, 2020. They also offered advice to young scholars on how to do good research. A Q&A session followed with the audience of workshop alumni and faculty.
|Webinar on Land Demarcation|

Workshop on Institutional Analysis postponed

The Ronald Coase Institute workshop on institutional analysis scheduled for December 13-19, 2020 in Binh Duong New City, Vietnam, and co-sponsored by Vietnamese-German University and Becamex IDC, is being postponed into the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this necessary. Future workshop plans will be posted here later.


The Ronald Coase Institute is deeply saddened by the death of Oliver Williamson on May 21, 2020. We have lost a remarkable economist, a generous friend and faculty member of the Institute, and a central figure in the development of new institutional economics.

Among the most cited authors in the social sciences, Williamson was Professor Emeritus of Business, Economics, and Organization at the University of California, Berkeley. He was an early president of the International Society for New Institutional Economics. He received the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (along with Elinor Ostrom) “for his analysis of economic governance, especially the boundaries of the firm.” He will be profoundly missed.

Williamson's talk at our 2015 Washington conference:
|Ronald Coase|
|Memories of Ronald Coase|

A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics

A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics, edited by Claude Menard and Mary M. Shirley, has been published by Edward Elgar Publishers. This book consists of 30 concise chapters written by top scholars and probes the knowledge frontiers of issues long at the forefront of New Institutional Economics (NIE), including government, contracts and property rights. It examines pressing research questions surrounding norms, culture, and beliefs. It is designed to inform and inspire students and those starting their careers in economics, law and political science. Well-established scholars will also find the book invaluable in updating their understanding of crucial research questions and seeking new areas to explore.

Print copies of the book can be ordered here. The Introduction and Chapter 1 are free to download here.

Menard and Shirley book cover

Workshop in Warsaw

On May 12-18, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, the Ronald Coase Institute held a workshop on institutional analysis. The Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw; the Rector of the University of Warsaw; and the University of Warsaw Foundation were co-sponsors.
Warsaw Old Town

Workshop faculty included Robert Aliber (University of Chicago), Ido Baum (Haim Striks School of Law), Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Lee Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Lukasz Hardt (Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw), P.J. Hill (Wheaton College), Philip Keefer (Inter-American Development Bank), Katrina Kosec (International Food Policy Research Institute), John Nye (George Mason University), Dominic Parker (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Maroš Servátka (Macquarie Graduate School of Management), Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), Agnieska Slomka-Golebiowska (Warsaw School of Economics), and Chenggang Xu (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business).

Details including participants, program, abstracts and more can be accessed by starting here and following further links on the page.

First China Economics Prize Awarded to Chenggang Xu and Yingyi Qian

Chenggang Xu, Coase Institute Board and faculty member, has been awarded the first China Economics Prize, jointly with Yingyi Qian (also Coase faculty). This major new prize was created by the Contemporary Economics Foundation in Beijing to recognize Chinese scholars who have made outstanding contributions in the field of economics.

  • Chenggang Xu

    Chenggang Xu

  • Yingyi Qian

    Yingyi Qian

The inaugural prize honors Xu’s and Qian’s research on government and enterprise incentive mechanisms for the transition economy of China. The two scholars will also share a monetary award of 2 million yuan.  Chenggang Xu is currently at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Yingyi Qian is at Tsinghua University, both in Beijing.

Who We Are

See this video about the Ronald Coase Institute.

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Workshop comments:

    "Superlative experience" (Boulder)

    "Famous scholars and delicious food" (Shanghai)

    "Most exciting workshop I have attended" (Singapore)

    "Demanding, intensive and mentally exhausting...also one of the most rewarding" (Philippines)

    "Best learning experience within last 31 years" (Bratislava)

    "Academic-life-changing experience, no kidding" (Beijing)

    "One of the best things I've done in my career" (Warsaw)

Group gathering at Shanghai workshop