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Webinar by Georgy Egorov

Georgy Egorov discussed his research into autocratic institutions during a Coase Institute webinar March 3, 2023. Michael Rochlitz was the commentator.

  • Georgy Egorov

    Georgy Egorov

  • Michael Rochlitz

    Michael Rochlitz

|Webinar on Autocratic Institutions|

Book Series on New Institutional Economics with Cambridge University Press

The Ronald Coase Institute is inaugurating a lecture and book series on new institutional economics to be published by Cambridge University Press. The founding editors are Alexandra Benham, Lee Benham, and Mary Shirley. Inaugural volumes are underway by Gary Libecap and by Sebastian Galiani and Gustavo Torrens. See details.

Webinar by Mary Shirley and Claude Menard

Mary Shirley and Claude Menard discussed their recently published Advanced Introduction to New Institutional Economics during a Coase Institute webinar April 14, 2022. Philip Keefer was the commentator.

  • Mary Shirley

    Mary Shirley

  • Ckaude Menard

    Claude Menard

  • Philip Keefer

    Philip Keefer

|Webinar on Advanced Introduction to New Institutional Economics|

Webinar by Philip Keefer and Carlos Scartascini

Philip Keefer and Carlos Scartascini discussed the low levels of trust within Latin America and the consequences for social cohesion and development, during this Coase Institute webinar February 25, 2022. Gustavo Torrens was the interviewer.

  • Philip Keefer

    Philip Keefer

  • Carlos Scartascini

    Carlos Scartascini

  • Gustavo Torrens

    Gustavo Torrens

|Webinar on Levels of Trust within Latin America - Measurement and Implications|

Advanced Introduction to New Institutional Economics

Advanced Introduction to New Institutional Economics, edited by Claude Menard and Mary Shirley, has been published by Elward Elgar Publishers. The book explores NIE’s answers to fundamental questions about the organization, growth, and development of economies. Why are some countries rich and others poor? Why are activities organized as firms or markets or through alternative organizational solutions? When are shared resources overexploited?
  • Advanced Introduction to NIE

Faculty Receive Lifetime Awards at SIOE 2021

The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE) has awarded the 2021 Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award to Avner Greif and to Gary Libecap for their sustained and significant contributions to institutional and organizational economics. Both have served as faculty in Coase Institute workshops.

  • Avner Greif

    Avner Greif

  • Gary Libecap

    Gary Libecap

Webinar by David Skarbek

David Skarbek discussed the use of qualitative methods in the social sciences and why using them can be especially valuable for analyzing institutions, during this Coase Institute webinar September 23, 2021. A Q&A session followed.

  • David Skarbek

    David Skarbek

|Webinar on Using Qualitative Methods to Analyze Institutions|

Webinar by Sam Peltzman

Sam Peltzman discussed the editorial process that articles undergo when they are submtted to economics journals, with a detailed analysis of this process at The Journal of Law and Economics. In this April 22, 2021 webinar, he also discussed major trends that journal editors perceive currently, and offers his advice to young scholars. A Q&A session followed.

  • Sam Peltzman

    Sam Peltzman

|Webinar on Economics Journals: An Editor's View|

Mary Shirley in Podcast

Technology Policy Institute's podcast "Two Think Minimum" recently featured Mary Shirley on the role that institutions play in economic development. Speaking with Scott Wallsten and Sarah Oh of TPI, she discussed the importance of intellectual freedom and a vibrant marketplace for ideas.

  • Mary Shirley

    Mary Shirley

See Podcast.

Webinar by Colin Xu

Colin Xu shared his philosophy for dealing with research challenges in a Coase Institute webinar, March 4, 2021. He offered insights from Zen to assist young scholars in finding their career path, moving along the path, and sustaining their drive. A Q&A session follows.

  • Colin Xu

    Colin Xu

|Webinar on Practicing Economics via Zen|

Webinar by Gary Libecap and Dean Lueck

Gary Libecap and Dean Lueck discussed their path-breaking research on land demarcation systems during the inaugural webinar of the Ronald Coase Institute, December 1, 2020. They also offered advice to young scholars on how to do good research. A Q&A session followed with the audience of workshop alumni and faculty.

  • Gary Libecap

    Gary Libecap

  • Dean Lueck

    Dean Lueck

|Webinar on Land Demarcation|

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