Alumni Achievement Awards

Ronald Coase Institute Award for Outstanding Achievement

The Ronald Coase Institute Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes annually the graduate of the Institute's workshops who best exemplifies the impact of the Institute’s training and continuing scholarly support.

The award includes a monetary prize and a crystal trophy of recognition. It was created through the ideas and generosity of an admirer of the Institute. Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

Recipients of this award are selected by the Board of Directors based on (1) scholarly research and publications, (2) current professional position, (3) fellowships and awards, and (4) contributions to the Institute’s network and goals - for example, serving as workshop faculty, organizing workshops, forming a scholarly network, and the like.

Award recipients are scholars with high academic achievements and recognition who promote transformative ideas, advance the study of institutions, explore the practical implications of their research, improve public understanding, and contribute to the goals of the Institute.

To learn more about the previous winners and read in their own words what the Institute means to them, click on the images or text links below.

Alumni Recipients of the Award for Outstanding Achievement

Paulo de Azevedo

2023 - Paulo de Azevedo (2001 Berkeley, 2001 Rio, 2002 St. Louis)

Georgy Egorov

2022 - Georgy Egorov (2004 Tucson)

David Skarbek

2021 - David Skarbek (2011 Chicago)

Dominic Parker

2019 - Dominic Parker (2004 Tucson)

Maros Servatka

2018 - Maroš Servátka (2005 Barcelona)

Konstantin Sonin

2017 - Konstantin Sonin (2002 Cambridge)

Yang Yao

2016 - Yang Yao (2001 Rio)

Sebastian Galiani

2015 - Sebastian Galiani (2001 Rio, 2002 St. Louis)