Reflections on Ronald Coase, 1910-2013

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From Workshop Alumni

Prof. Coase is a great human being, and a kind mentor to young scholars. His influence is beyond territories and boundaries. In sorrow, we mourn the lost. In gratitude, we embrace those around us.

He enlightened us, helped us, warmed us, guided us. I think he will be an imperishable lighthouse in our memory and history.

I believe that his spirit and endeavor will be continued by the next generation, and probably by further generations. In particular, his encouragements for Chinese scholars and for studies on China will always be great motivations for young scholars like me to work hard!

I am so sorry he has passed away. His legacy in knowledge is revolutionary. His legacy in inspiration is even more profound.

He was full of energy and positive purpose. Let's keep his “light” on!

Our shared sorrow runs so deep that it is nigh on impossible to find the right words to express my condolences. So, I will not even try. We've been truly blessed to have him among us for such a long time and… we must cherish his legacy, and do our utmost to keep his memory and teachings alive. I feel ever so grateful to Prof. Coase for shining a light on my path through your hands.

Mourn great masters!

His overall vision of society, his insights as to how to deal with complicated research issues, his path-breaking ideas, his brilliant works have influenced scholars in social science, and in a great extent in Russia as well, as deeply as those of few else have.

God bless Ronald Coase and let him help the other world to solve its problems now.

His legacy lives on, not just through the various institutions named after him, but more importantly to the people who share his passion and are now the living examples of a living a full life. It was an honor to have been a beneficiary of his legacy.

Thanks to the RCI, I had the opportunity to meet him, when he was in his late 90s but still very sharp. His work is the inspiration for just about everything I do.

Coase is my hero!

I did not know Coase very well but the legacy that the Institute passed to me was one of striving to be a better and engaged scholar and a kind and generous human being. I have wonderful memories of my short time with the Ronald Coase Institute, it only strengthened my resolve to pursue my academic career. The memories of his work and that of the institute will inspire us all for a long time. May he be forever in our hearts.

He will always be a lighthouse, our clearest guidance, for our navigation through the foggy world of knowledge.

In retrospect, Professor Coase had an enviable life: a peaceful and productive life of more than 100 years, a Nobel prize, a ever-lasting marriage, and an institute named after him. Sometimes I wonder what I may be doing when I am close to death. I think I should be reading economics. I will be reading Ronald Coase and Armen Alchian.

Sadly, I never had the chance to tell Prof. Coase the important impact that the Institute had on my academic life. It was a turning point for me, to rethink several things. The reassuring part of all of this is that his generosity to young scholars will live on through the Institute…. His legacy to the next generations, not only regarding ideas, but also a very real legacy through the institute, is a crown on his inspiring life.

I am grateful to him for the seeds he left in our world.

Excerpts from the letters that alumni of the workshops sent after Ronald Coase's death.