2015 Hong Kong Workshop: Titles

MAY 10–16, 2015


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An Institutional Analysis of Pastoralists' Adaptation
to Climate Change in Ethiopia:
Does the Rangeland Enclosure Policy Work?
Misginaw Tamirat ARFICHO
Humboldt University of Berlin

Floodplain Development and Downstream Flood Hazard
Andrew AYRES
University of California – Santa Barbara

The Future Is in Your Hands:
Active Pension Decisions in the Slovak Republic
Zuzana BROKEŠOVÁ and Jana Peliová
University of Economics in Bratislava

Can the Licensing of Real Estate Agents
Reduce Price Dispersion in the Housing Market?
Bruce Wai Hong CHAN
The University of Hong Kong

Coasean Perspective on Semiformal Rights Designation
among Waste Pickers in the Philippines
Mark Hansley Y. CHUA
The University of Hong Kong

Trust and Trustworthiness in Experimental Organizations
Giuseppe DANESE
Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto)

How Does the Non-Tradable Share Reform
Affect Listed Firms' Performance and Stock Prices?
Feifei FANG
Xiamen University

Money or Performance?
What is Making Public-Private Partnerships a Global Trend?
Ana Luiza FERREIRA, Dalson Brito Figueiredo Filho,
and Ricardo Borges Gama Neto
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Assortative Matching and Persistent Inequality:
Evidence from the World's Most Exclusive Marriage Market
University of Vienna

Sworn Spinsters: An Economic Explanation of Celibacy

Rufei GUO
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tenant Game, Heterogeneous Factors, and Contractual Matching
Yiming HE
South China Agricultural University

Economic Model of Parent-Child Interaction and Child Maltreatment
Jun Hyung KIM
University of Chicago

Who Provides Public Services in China, and When?
Selective Reversal of Privatization in Public Service Sectors
University of Wisconsin – Madison

How Can Credit Constraints
Influence the Profitability of Chinese Household Firms?
Microcosmic Evidence from China Household Finance Survey
Victor Jiewei LI
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

The Colonial Origins of Income Differences:
China's Treaty Port System and the Development of Institutions
Yousha LIANG
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Land Rights and Constitutionalism
Xiaoting MAI (with Chenggang Xu)
The University of Hong Kong

Does Social Trust Increase Support for Free Trade?
Evidence from a Field Survey Experiment in Vietnam
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

Institutional Capital and Geography: Does Aggregation Matter?
Research Institute of Industrial Economics
& Jönköping International Business School

The Nature of India's Emerging Uber Economy
Prateek PATHAK
O.P. JIndal Global University

Alleviating Anti-Certainty:
Remedying Corporate Opportunism at Potential Victims' Expense
Tel Aviv University

Trauma of the Red:
The Long-Term Impact of China's Cultural Revolution on Trust
Lingwei WU
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Low Transaction Costs of Specific Performance
and the Benefits of Ex-Post Negotiations
Tel Aviv University

Making Local Governance Work Better:
Evidence from a Natural Experiment with Decentralization
in Honduras
University of Colorado Boulder

Pricing-to-Market on Quality, Exchange Rate, and Firm Productivity
Miaojie Yu, Rui ZHANG
Peking University

Modeling Internal and External Stakeholders' Pressure
in Multinational Corporations' Adoption
of Green Supply Chain Management
Shuang ZHAO
Indiana University Bloomington

Land, Hukou and Urbanization in China:
A Comparative Study of Land Reform between Chongqing and Chengdu
The University of Hong Kong