2004 Tucson Workshop: Scenes 2

Class at work
Between participants' presentations and final faculty talks - time to write evaluations.
Lunchtime debate
John Nye leads another spirited lunchtime discussion.
Group talk on veranda
Konstantin Sonin discusses research ideas with Sergey Shulgin and Olga Lavrentieva after a session.
Arizona cactus
A great cactus decorates the grounds near the classroom.  Myriad forms of wildlife offer beauty, intrigue, and occasionally a startling surprise.
Alexandra Benham lectures
Brevity and clarity - shown in the work of Charles Joseph Minard - are emphasized as Alexandra Benham discusses goals for presentations.
Bus ride to dinner
En route to the home of Gary and Ann Libecap, participants look forward to a festive outdoor dinner and an evening of Southwestern hospitality.