2004 Tucson Workshop: Scenes 1

Douglass North talks with participant
Douglass North chats with Estomih Nkya after holding a question-answer session on understanding the process of economic change.
Lunch on the terrace
Faculty and participants lunch together on the terrace at Westward Look Resort.
Lee Benham lectures
Lee Benham urges participants to follow Ronald Coase's research advice: "Pick up the gold!"
Coffee break
During a coffee break, Sebastián Galiani and Nick Parker share ideas.
Arizona sun between sessions
Between sessions, Meelis Kitsing, Estomih Nkya, Olga Nashchekina,Utku Teksöz, and Sandro Cabral savor the Arizona sunshine.
Oliver Williamson and Mary Shirley
Oliver Williamson meets with Mary Shirley and other workshop faculty and participants before his speech, "Operationalizing Transaction Cost Economics."