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Application for Workshop on Institutional Analysis
May 12-18, 2019       Warsaw, Poland

Apply by January 19, 2019
  • To apply, please complete the following form. Before you submit it, you will need to upload
    your statement of purpose, research abstract, CV, and (if desired) fellowship request.
    So before you start filling out this form, have those 3-4 files ready on your computer
    in .doc or .docx format, using the filenames indicated below. (Do not send PDF files.)

    Please submit all materials in English, the language of the workshop.
    Applications must follow all guidelines, including word/page limits, to be considered.

    (Illustrative examples are shown in light grey; they will disappear as you enter your data.
    Use your TAB KEY to advance to the next field.)

  • Information about you

  • Your highest degree already completed:

  • Your previous degree completed (if applicable):

  • Your degree completed before that (if applicable):

  • Your references

    Please enter the names and contact information of two scholars who are familiar with you and your work and who will be willing to provide a brief reference for you. (IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE CO-AUTHORS OF YOUR PROJECT AS REFERENCES.)
  • Reference #1:

  • Reference #2:

  • Upload your documents

    For each category below, click the corresponding "Choose File" button. Then select the file you want to upload from your computer and click "open". Your uploaded filename will appear beside the button.
  • Statement of Purpose

    Please upload a brief statement of purpose (less than 350 words). Indicate your background in
    institutional analysis and explain why you are interested in attending this workshop.
    Include your name at the top of the statement.
    Submit as a .doc file, using filename yyy-purpose.doc (where yyy is your surname).

  • Research abstract

    Please upload a 1-page abstract (350 words max) of a current research project of yours.
    At the top, list only the title, your name (and all co-authors), and the number of words
    in the abstract.
    The abstract must fit on 1 side of 1 page. Do not include footnotes or references.
    At most 1 person per research project can be accepted for the workshop.
    Work already published is not eligible.
    Submit as a .doc file, using filename yyy-abstract.doc (where yyy is your surname).

  • CV

    Please upload a 1-page (1 side only) CV that includes your name, contact information,
    current employment or study, education, all your publications, your awards and honors,
    and your research interests.
    Submit as a .doc file, using filename yyy-cv.doc (where yyy is your surname).

  • The cost of the workshop - tuition, meals, and housing - is $2500 USD.
    All participants must stay in workshop housing.

    Fellowship request

    The Ronald Coase Institute will award many fellowships competitively in varying amounts
    to qualified applicants for whom the workshop costs of tuition, accommodation, meals are a hardship.
    Note that all participants must cover all their own transportation costs.
    If you wish to apply for a fellowship, please upload your request for financial aid.
    Include your name and a statement of your financial needs: 1) why you need the fellowship,
    2) the amount of funding available to you from sources such as your university, and
    3) the amount of fellowship you are requesting from the Ronald Coase Institute.
    Submit as a .doc file, using filename yyy-fellowshiprequest.doc (where yyy is your surname).

  • Please review all your entries. When they are correct and complete,
    click the Submit Form button below
    to submit your application.
    The button below should then change to "Please wait...."
    After a short wait, a new page should appear that acknowledges your submission.

  • Important: Please whitelist workshop2019ws at (replacing " at " with @) or add it to your address book. This is to prevent Coase Institute messages being wrongly sent to your spam folder.

    Acknowledgement: You should receive an ackowledgement of your application by E-mail within 2 business days. If you do not, please check your spam folder. It it's not there, please send a message to:
    workshop2019ws at (replacing " at " with @).

    E-mail alternative: If you have difficulties submitting this form, you can send your application
    by E-mail instead. Include a file that contains all the detailed information requested above. Also attach the 3-4 required files: statement of purpose, abstract, CV, and fellowship request if needed.
    As subject line, use Application for 2019 Warsaw Workshop - yyy (where yyy is your surname).
    Send to: workshop2019ws at (replacing " at " with @).

  • Should be Empty:

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