Research Requests

To facilitate the exchange of information among researchers in institutional analysis, a research board is offered here experimentally. If you would like to get in contact with other researchers concerning data sources, relevant literature, for discussion or possible collaboration on a project, you can submit a request. To respond to someone else's request, please e-mail that individual directly.

Project topic (15 words or less) Spatial focus Time focus Seek data Seek lit Seek to discuss Name E-mail address Workshop graduate? Date of request
Tools for institutional analysis India Current Y Y Y Prof. Yasmeen Pathan N 15Oct2015
The Coase Dividend implements Nash Equilibrium between “risk seeking” and “risk averse” investors Equity markets in North America, Europe, and China 2013 and forward Y N N Ernst Goetze N 2April2013
Impact of property rights on forest management and benefits distribution among users, North Kordofan, Sudan Sudan, Africa, and the rest of the world All periods that important for sake of my PhD Y Y Y Tarig Tagelsir Hassan Musa N 27Sep2012
Institutions for lagoon fishery management: transaction cost analysis of access rights to fisheries and management Fisheries of South India Last two decades Y Y N Rosewine Joy N 1Feb2012
Variations in levels of innovation across countries and their association with rules of the game Worldwide 1900 to present Y Y Y Lee & Alexandra Benham N 22Dec2011
Design of public policies of water sector - equity and efficiency: the universalization of access in Brazil Latin America, focusing on Brazil August - November 2008 Y Y Y José Antonio Batista de Moura Ziebarth   or N 23Jul2008
Strategies for improvement of research and development investment in pharmaceutical sector: neglected third world diseases Any One month Y Y Y Joseph George N 14Sep2006
The impact of contract structure and design in smallholder organically certified groups Any Any Y Y Y Lawrence Gadzikwa N 21Aug2006
Comparison of information transaction costs (time and money) in organizations with software-intensive information infrastructures:  free x proprietary software Brazil Current Y Y Y Marcus V. B Soares N 29Mar2006
Institutions of private sector development in poverty reduction: the case of urban informality Bolivia Current Y Y Y Eliana Quiroz N 27Feb2006
Open source economic model for small business: using Linux model to integrate elements external to the value chain North America 2000 - 2004 Y Y Y William Eastman N 24Jun2005
Conceptualizing and empiricizing transaction costs in the emerging market for carbon emissions reduction credits World Current Y Y Y Camille Antinori N 8Feb2005
A general theory of social institutions World Current N Y Y Irit Haviv-Segal N 28Jul2004
Contractual hazards in hybrid organizational relations especially involving technology transfers International     Y Y Francis Xavier N 18Mar2004
Measuring transaction costs (transaction service sector) from household surveys Latin America and Caribbean 1990s to current N Y Y Namsuk Kim N 7Nov2003
Transaction costs (time and money actually spent) to obtain visas to various countries World Current  Y Y Y Lee & Alexandra Benham Fac 20Sept2003

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