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These profiles were provided by alumni in 2008 or earlier.
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Dong AI

PhD Candidate (Environmental Sciences), Peking University, Beijing
Lecturer, Land Resource Management, China Agricultural University
M.Agr. (Soil Science), China Agricultural University, 1999
BS (Land Use Planning), China Agricultural University, 1994
Research interests: land administration, land registration, environmental management


Associate Researcher for Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE), Lima, Peru
Adjunct Professor of Econometrics, Thesis Advisory, Economic History, Development Economics
PhD (Economics), Washington University in St. Louis, USA, 2007
Graduate Diploma in Institutional Analysis, Center for the New Institutional Sciences, St. Louis, Missouri, 2005
AM (Economics), Washington University in St. Louis, USA 2002
BA (Economics and Social Sciences), Universidad Catolica, Lima, Peru, 1997
Research interests: development economics, labor economics, impact evaluation
Current research focus: measuring effects of formality on the operation and expansion of medium-size firms in Peru, and on court decentralization and women’s well-being

Alvin ANG

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines
 Education: PhD (Applied Economics, Privatization), Osaka University, 2006
Master in Public Policy, National University of Singapore, 1999
BA (Economics), University of  Santo Tomas, 1998
Research interests: public and development finance and remittances and immigration
Consultant to World Bank, World Health Organization, USAID
Board member, Philippine Economic Society


Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economics, IDE-JETRO, Japan
PhD Candidate, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela
MBA, INSEAD, Fountainebleau, France 1991
Economics Diploma, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, 1998
M. Sc (Engineering major, Economics minor), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985
B.Sc. (Engineering major, Economics minor), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985
Research interests: education, energy, development, economic integration, privatization, monetary policy, the future of Latin America and the world; author of 10 books
Current research focus: follow an interdisciplinary approach in order to compare the impact of institutions in the long-term development of several Latin American and East Asian countries

Ninghua DU

Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2005-present
PhD (Economics), University of Arizona, 2005
MA (Economics), University of Houston, 2000
BE (Management Information Systems), Tsinghua University, 1997
Research interests: experimental economics, applied microeconomics, industrial organization, labor economics, game theory
Current research focus: using lab experiments to answer market-related questions


Doctoral student, University of Cambridge, working in the area of law and development from an institutional perspective
Currently, one-year research fellowship, Columbia University, working with Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz
BA (Law), Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2006
BA (Hons) (Economics), St. Stephens College, University of Delhi, 2004
Research interests: law and development, legal theory, women and the law and international law
Currently working with the World Justice Project


Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University,
PhD (Economics), University of Pennsylvania, 2003
MA (Economics), Renmin University of China, 1995
BA, Renmin University of China 1992
Research interests: how society invests in people and institutions to pursue long-run economic growth; including the endogenous formation of social trust and its dynamic interactions with monitoring, the transition from relational to formal contract enforcement, and the long-run co-evolution between economic and political development


PhD student, CERDI (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le
Developpement International) at Auvergne University (France)
Research master degree (Development Economics) CERDI/
Auvergne University, 2006
Professional master degree (Public and Private Projects Analysis),
CERDI/Auvergne University, 2006
Research interests: political economy of development, international development funding, and the evolution of institutions in developing countries

Valerius KWONG

PhD student, University of Hong Kong 2006- present
BSc (Surveying), Second Class Honors (Division II),  University of Hong Kong, Department of Real Estate and Construction
Research interests: institutional arrangements of racial segregation
Current research focus:  history of planning law, planning development, and zoning in law for Hong Kong

Xinyu LI

Candidate for MA in economics, expected 2008
Education: China Center for Economic Research, Peking University,
2005- present
BA (Economics), Business School, Zhenghou University, 2005
Research interests: institutional economics and development economics; contract theory relating to arrangement of transaction payment and the transition of land use in China

Jamus LIM

Economist, The World Bank, Washington D.C.
PhD (International Economics), MA (Politics), University of California, 2006
Master of  Science in Economics, London School of Economics, 2000
Bachelor of Business in Economics and Computer Science, University of Southern Queensland, 1998
Research interests: international economics, development economics, political economy
Current research: political economy in international finance, for example the influence of special interests politics on currency crises; human capital and governance in growth, for example the measurement of human capital with a broader index of health and education, and the interaction of these with measures of institutions and governance


Programme Officer, United Nations International Labour Organization (UN-ILO)
Master in Public Administration, National University of Singapore, 2007
Bachelor of Economics, University of Indonesia, 1997
Research interests: employment and entrepreneurship as central objective of economic development; issues related to government reform, particularly the implications of decentralization for the delivery of public services

Alfredo PALOYO

PhD student, Economics, Ruhr Graduate School
European Master in Law & Economics, Erasmus University 
Rotterdam, University of Hamburg, University of Bologna, 2007
Master of Arts, Economics, University of the Philippines
School of Economics, 2005
Bachelor of Science (Economics) (cum laude), University of the Philippines School of  Economics, 2002
Research interests: corporate governance, particularly how the prevailing institutional infrastructure in a given country affects the incentives of various sets of shareholders

Jiwei QIAN

PhD Candidate (Economics), National University of Singapore
 MSc (Development Economics), School of Oriental and Africa Studies, University of London, UK, 2003
Postgraduate Diploma of Economics, University of
London, UK, 2001
BS (Computer Science), Fudan University, China, 1998
Research interests: health economics, Chinese economy, development economics, in particular, historical institutional analysis
Current research project: the Chinese health system and health reform in China


Associate Professor, Department of International Studies, Graduate
School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo
PhD (International Studies), University of Tokyo, 1998
MA (International Relations), University of Tokyo, 1995
Master in Public Policy, Harvard University, 1994
BA (Anthropology), University of Tokyo, 1992
Research interests: political economy of development, natural resources and foreign aid with a geographical focus on Southeast Asia
Current research focus: to develop "resource policy" as a new interdisciplinary field in Japan and to conduct joint research with policy-makers related to environment in the mainland of Southeast Asia

Kevin TSUI

Assistant Professor, The John E. Walker of Department of Economics, Clemson University, Clemson, NC, USA
PhD (Economics), University of Chicago, 2006
MPhil (Economics), Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology, 1997
BSc (Mathematics), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 1995
Research interests: international political economy, public economics, and industrial organization


PhD Candidate (Economics), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
BA (Economics), Huazhong University of Science and
Technology, 2004
Research interests: microeconomics, auctions, industrial organization, economic reform and development of China
Current research focus: auction of the state-owned enterprises in China

Siu-wai WONG

Lecturer, School of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Hong Kong
Master of Development Planning (Distinction), the University of Queensland, 2004
BSc (Hons) (Real Estate), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1998
Research interests: land-use planning policy, urban management and governance, and new institutional economic analysis in property industry
Current research focus: property taxation in transitional urban China


PhD student, ATOM (Le Centre d’Analyse Theorique des
Organisat)ions et des Marches), University of Paris I (Pantheon-
Sorbonne, Paris, France
Master, Economics in Industrial Organization, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, 2006
Bachelor, Economics in Finance, Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, 2003
Research interests: knowledge transfer within and across organizations
Current research focus: the role of social networks in the process of internal knowledge transfer


Assistant Professor, Xiamen University, China
PhD candidate (Economics), University of Pittsburgh (expected 2007)
MA (Economics), Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 2000
BA (Economics), Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 1997
Research interests: monetary theory, development economics, China’s economy; current focus on the empirical study of the impact of institutions on China’s economy

Ninghua ZHONG

Masters Student (Economics), China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, China
BA (Economics), Fudan University, 2005
Research interests: institutional changes in China's gradual economic and political reform, including topics such as increasing Chinese farmers' income, small- and medium-scale state-owned enterprises' reform, corruption, state-owned banks' performance, and effect of China's labor unions on workers' welfare


| Bhattarai |

Ram Chandra Bhattarai

Lecturer, Economics, Tribhuwan University, Nepal 
Teaches environmental economics, micro economics and monetary economics
PhD (Environmental Economics), Tribhuvan University
Research: natural resources, including water rights in Nepal, integration of population concerning agriculture and forests, land reform in Nepal
Recently senior advisor, National Planning Commission, preparing interim plan concerning natural resources; SANDEE research fellow, examining transaction costs in farmers' managed irrigated systems in Nepal; participant in training programs of SANDEE, Ronald Coase Institute, various universities, and the World Bank
Has published 12 academic articles and a book on environmental economics


| Dorj | Ghazanchian | Mijiyawa |

Dolgorsuren Dorj

PhD candidate (Economics), University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Dissertation topic: Common Pool Resource with Free Mobility:
  “Voting with Their Herds”
Education: MA (Economics), University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA;
  BA (Political Economy), Rostov State University, Russia
Experience: Research and lecturing, Academy of Management,
  Mongolia; research and teaching assistant, instructor, University
  of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Research interests: Common pool resource, social dilemmas,
  public good provision, mechanism design, development
  economics, game theory and experimental economics
E-mail: dolgorsu@hawaii.edu

Manuk Ghazanchian

PhD candidate, American University, Washington DC
MA (Financial Economics for Public Policy), American University,
  Washington DC
Currently at the International Monetary Fund, Policy Development
  and Review Department, Crisis Resolution Issues Division
Research interests: potential indicators of local and global crises
  that can serve as warning signals to policy-makers, specifically,
  the types of institutional developments that constitute a warning
  for a crisis.  Interests include institutional economics, monetary
  economics, crisis management and volatility exercises, and
  mathematical finance.

Abdoul' Mijiyawa

PhD candidate, CERDI, Université d’Auvergne, France
Dissertation topic: Institutions and Development: An Application to
  Developing Countries
MA (Development Economics), CERDI, Université d’Auvergne
BA (Development Economics), CERDI, Université d’Auvergne
Research interests: Role of institutions on sustainability of
  economic growth, institutions and poverty reduction, factors of
  institutional changes.
E-mail: mijiyawaa@yahoo.fr

Elio Ferrato

PhD candidate (Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy  
  Research), Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil,
  specializing in hold-ups in interfirm relationships in the
  automotive and agribusiness areas
Education: MS (Business and Organization Management),
  Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba (UNIMEP), Brazil
Experience: 31 years in international trade, working for
  multinational companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, General
  Motors, and Ericsson, travelling through 75 countries in 5
  continents. For past 3 years has worked as college professor of
  marketing, logistics, and foreign trade in various business schools
  in the area of Campinas, SP, Brazil
Research interests: Impact of institutional changes on technology
   and innovation from 2000 onwards
E-mail: kandra@uol.com.br  (as subject line, please
   use: RCI Great Ideas)

Meelis Kitsing

PhD candidate (Political Science), University of Massachusetts  
   Amherst, specializing in international relations
Education: MA (Law and Diplomacy), Fletcher School of Law and
   Diplomacy, Tufts University; MS (Politics of the World Economy),
   London School of Economics and Political Science
Experience: has taught at Emmanuel College in Boston,
   University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Estonian Business
   School; researcher, Harvard University; International Policy
   Fellow, Center for Policy Studies of the Open Society Institute
   and Central European University, Budapest; Research Associate,
   Stockholm School of Economics, Riga
Research interests: political economy of technology diffusion,
   international trade
website: www.policy.hu/kitsing/

Igor Kustov

PhD Fellow, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn,
   Germany (www.zef.de), specializing in development policy and
Education: Diploma with honors (International Relations and
   Political Science), Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan
Research interests: political parties and non-governmental
   organizations in Russia and Central Asia
Publications: UNV Project Report: Reinforcement of Cultural Aspect
   of Outreach Settlements Through University Volunteer Service
   (UVS) in Nicaragua. UN Volunteers. Best practices in urban
   volunteerism. http://www.caringcities.org.
   Institutions of Civil Society: Cross-National Studies (Russia and
   Kyrgyzstan),Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen, Germany, 2007.
Honors and awards: UN-HABITAT and the Municipality of Dubai
   in 2004 designated Kustov's UNV Project “Caring Cities: Support
   to Intra-City Volunteerism in Amran, Yemen” as a Best Practice:
   an initiative which has made outstanding contributions to
   improving the quality of life in cities and communities around the

Kaire Põder

Lecturer in economics, Estonian Business School
Education: PhD (Economics) expected 2007, Tallinn Technical
   University; MA student (Political Science) Central European
   University, 2004-2005
Research interests: Political economy and political philosophy and
   history; criticism of welfare economics: coordination problems
   and possible solutions in case of public goods, commons, and
   other "market failures"
Wider academic interest: Austrian economics

Sergey Shulgin

Expert, Political Economy Department, The Open Economy Institute
Education: PhD candidate (Political economy) State University -
   School of Economics; MA (Economics) State University - Higher
   School of Economics; MA (Economics) Erasmus University
   Rotterdam, Rotterdam School of Economics; BS (Computer
   science), Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University
Research interests: Demand for democratic institutions:
   independence of mass media; cross-country analysis of election
   turnouts; political business cycles; public choice

Utku Teksöz

PhD candidate (Economics), University of Munich
   Currently intern, Office of the Chief Economist, EBRD
Education: MA (Modern Turkish History), University of Bogazici,
   Bosphorus; BA (Economics), University of Bogazici, Bosphorus
Experience: Country reader for the Center for Public
   Integrity, editorial assistant for Economics and Human Biology,
   teaching assistant for the course Economics of Corruption,
   University of Passau and University of Göttingen
Research interests: New institutional economics and its applications
   to the fields of development and transition economics
Languages: Fluent in Turkish (mother tongue), English, French,
E-mail: utku.teksoz@lrz.uni-muenchen.de

Alexander Tokarev

Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Economics,
   Northwestern College, Iowa
Education: PhD (Economics) 2004, Southern Illinois University at
   Carbondale, dissertation: Economic Impacts of the Evolution of
   Pyramidal and Decentralized Institutional Structures in Spain and
   England; MS (Industrial Management) 1995, UCTM, Sofia,
   Bulgaria; BA (Chemical Engineering) 1993, UCTM, Sofia, Bulgaria
Research interests: How institutional structures shape the rules of
   the game for the entrepreneurial classes, and the impact on
   economic development
E-mail: atokarev@nwciowa.edu


| Barroso | Savoia |

Rafael Barroso

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Education: MA (Economics) expected 2004, University of Rio de 
   Janeiro; BA (Economics) University of São Paulo
Prizes: Brazil National Treasury Award in Public Finance, first place,
   for "The Brazilian Budgetary Process in the Light of the New
   Institutional Economics"
Research interests: Public finance, growth and economic
   development, state-led industrialization and institutions for
   economic development
Current research: Brazilian and Korean institutions for state-led
   development, 1971-1985

José Roberto Ferreira Savoia

Faculty of Economics, Business and Accountancy, University of São
Education: PhD (Business Administration) 1996, University of São
   Paulo, Thesis: The Globalization of the Brazilian Financial Market;
   MBA (Finance, Marketing) 1990, University of São Paulo,
   Thesis: An Evaluation of Investments Funds Performance
   Under the CAPM; 
   BA (Business Administration) 1984, University of São Paulo
Research interests: Pensions and insurance, growth and economic
  development, capital markets
Current research: The role of pensions in development, pension
   reforms and corporate governance in Brazilian companies


| Batkhuyag | Kapás | Komáromi | Lazareva | Palmer |

Jamiyandorjiin Batkhuyag

Institute of Finance and Economics, Mongolia
Education: PhD, Mongolian National University
   MA (Economics), University of Colorado at Denver
Research interest: Privatization, private sector development,
   enterprise restructuring, economic policy making, social and
   institutional change, civilization aspects of entrepreneurship

Judit Kapás

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of
   Debrecen, Hungary (www.econ.klte.hu)
Teaching: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International
   Economics, Economics of Institutions
Research interests: theory of the firm, theory of the market,
   economics of organization
Current research projects: (1) internal disintegration of the firm,
   (2) an institutional understanding of the market
Secretary of the Hungarian Society for New Institutional Economics
E-mail: j.kapas@delfin.unideb.hu

György Komáromi

Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, University of
   Veszprém, Hungary
Fields of interests: behavioral finance, psychological aspects of
   financial decisions, stock market bubbles (topic of PhD
website: www.komaromi.net

Olga Lazareva

Currently employed by Centre for Economic and Financial Research,
   Moscow (www.cefir.ru)
Education:  Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Moscow
   (PhD expected 2004)
   Central European University, Budapest (MA in Economics, 2000)
   Novosibirsk State University, Russia (BSc in Economics, 1998)
Current projects: Adjusting Boundaries of Russian Firms, Corporate
   Governance in Russia, Social Services and Infrastructure Provision
   by Russian Firms
Research interests: Theory of the firm, enterprise restructuring,
   corporate governance, labor economics, personnel economics
Teaching activities: Corporate Governance, lector; Labor Economics,
   teaching assistant

Charles Palmer

PhD student in agricultural economics at the Center for Development Research, Bonn University. Belongs to a research group on alternative institutions for natural resources in developing countries, funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.
His research focuses on decentralization reforms in Indonesia, principally the outcomes of direct negotiations between logging companies and forest-dependent communities and the underlying conditions. Of particular interest is the role of rent-seeking and how this impacts collective decision making.


| Ballesteros | Rahman | Slomka |

Marife Magno Ballesteros

Research Fellow, Philippine Institute for Development Studies.
PhD in economic anthropology from Universiteit Nijmegen, the
Netherlands.  MA in economics and BS in agricultural economics from the University of the Philippines.
Field of specialization is housing and urban development.  Has done several studies on demand and supply, finance, and urban land and real estate issues.  Currently working on housing and microfinance studies, and assisting international aid agencies on urban shelter and community infrastructure project and rental housing market studies.
E-mail: mballesteros@mail.pids.gov.ph

Asheq R. Rahman

Associate professor of accounting, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. PhD from the University of Sydney. His general area of interest in teaching and research is Financial Accounting. Has published in several journals and has written
books and monographs on accounting.
Research interests include institutional influences on incomplete financial contracting and the relevance of accounting information; globalization; determinants of Internet financial reporting; accounting and economic reforms.

Agnieszka Slomka

Assistant Professor, Department of International Comparative
  Studies, Warsaw School of Economics
Education: Warsaw School of Economics, PhD dissertation work     
   under supervision of Professor Leszek Balcerowicz
   (expected date of completion 2004)
Research projects: Corporate governance from the perspective of
   NIE, in cooperation with Professor Oliver Williamson, University of
   California at Berkeley, 2001-2002;
   Corporate governance exercised by banks, University of
   Muenster, Germany, 2003-2004
Research interests: corporate governance and finance, institutions
   and economic performance in transition economies


| Gallo | Shikida |

Andres Gallo

Assistant professor, University of North Florida
PhD in economics
Fields: economic institutions, development, political economy,
   property rights, Latin America, law and economics
Current work: Political economy of property rights in Argentina.
   Property rights and institutions in agriculture development in
   Argentina. Biotechnology and property rights in agriculture in
   Latin America: soybeans in Argentina and Brazil. Law and
   economics of Internet regulation, through analysis of the
   Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
   and privacy regulation.

Claudio Djissey Shikida

Currently employed by IBMEC-MG and PUC-Minas, Brazil
Education: PhD, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul;
   MA (Economics), University of São Paulo
Research interests: non-parametric analysis (data envelopment
   analysis), new institutional issues, public choice, Brazilian
   economic history (particularly the colonial age, due to transaction
   costs and conflict issues), economics of defense and economics
   of conflict