2023 Alumni Conference: Scenes

Attendees in conference room
Attendees gather in THE FLAG West M. Hotel, Frankfurt, to hear and discuss new ideas and projects of Coase Institute alumni.
Lecture on interruptions in self-governance
Jan Vogler investigates the differing consequences of interruptions in local self-government, depending on duration and scope.
Lecture on judicial behavior
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo discusses directions for research on judicial behavior in corruption cases.
Lecture on corporate strategies
Bo Yang examines how corporations address conflicts that arise with political parties they have long supported.
Lecture on relationships in the Spanish Empire
Marcos Salgado measures the structure of relationships in the political network of the Spanish Empire.
Lecture on copper coins in warfare
Danila Raskov investigates trust and monetary innovations in early modern warfare.
Conference break
During breaks, attendees discuss ideas informally and enjoy moments with old and new friends.
Lecture on culture legacy
Cesar Huaroto examines cultural agricultural knowledge in the Andes and the associated adaptations to climate change.
Dinner group at conference
Wentian Diao, Bo Yang, Kate Savchenko, Joonhwi Joo, and Chicheng Ma enjoy lively conversation over dinner.
Dinner group with Egorov
Georgy Egorov chats with Alexandra Benham, Ann and Gary Libecap, Thrainn Eggertson, Jordan Adamson, and Lee Benham before receiving the alumni prize.

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