2019 Warsaw Workshop: Titles

MAY 12-18, 2019


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The Importance of Indigenous Economists in Economic Development:
Comparative Analysis of Mongolia and Ukraine
Erdenebat BATAA
National University of Mongolia

Is Sharing Really Caring?
The Effect of Airbnb on the Affordability of Housing
Andrew BIBLER, Keith Teltser, and Mark Tremblay
University of Alaska Anchorage

Does the Ban on Political Donation by Firms
Impact Public Procurement Contracts?
Francisco CAVALCANTI, Claudio Ferraz, Dimitri Szerman
PUC-Rio and CPI

The Scramble for Africa and the Origins of Financial Underdevelopment:
Theory and Evidence
Boubacar DIALLO and Wilfried Koch
Qatar University and UQAM

Group Identity and Expected Effort in Promotion Decisions
Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Masaryk University

Are Female Leaders Better for Environment?
Evidence from Chinese Municipal Party Secretaries
Lili FU
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Governance Arrangements Used By Mobile Money Agents in Kenya
Tufts University

Making the Pearls of the Orient:  Treaty Port, Concession,
and the Rise of the Modern Economy in China, 1840-1920
The University of Hong Kong

Legal and Illegal Strategies to Circumvent Rent Control:
Evidence from a Case study in Post-War Florence (1947-1970)
University of Turin

The Relation between Religion and Turnout: The Case of Poland
Przemyslaw KUREK
Warsaw University

Foreign Aid and Local Public Goods Provision:
Evidence from China’s Aid in Africa
Yuchen LIN and Zhuo Nie
Peking University

Greasing the Wheels of Economy: Corruption or Anticorruption?
Evidence from China's Residential Land Market
Xi LU and Ming Li
National University of Singapore and University of Pennsylvania

Evading by All Means: How Does Value-Added Tax
Affect Payroll Tax Compliance in China?
Kevin Zhengcheng Liu and Zhuo NIE
Peking University

Do Litigants Settle Their Case when They Face Adversarial Judges?
Evidence from French Courts
Umberto NIZZA
Collegio Carlo Alberto & Università degli Studi di Torino

Fiscal Laziness in Local Governments:
The Effect of Mining Royalties on Tax Revenue
Walter NOEL
Group for the Analysis of Development – GRADE

The Effect of Weather on Mortality in Russia: What if People Adapt?
Margarita PORTNYKH
Carnegie Mellon University

Subdividlng the Commons: The Role of Rules
Julio Alberto RAMOS Pastrana
Indiana University

Bureaucratic Nepotism
University of British Columbia

Resource Shocks and Environmental Regulation
Nathaly M. RIVERA
University of Alaska Anchorage

Do the Super-Rich Benefit from Political Connections?
Evidence from Poland
Katarzyna SALACH & Michal Brzezinski
University of Warsaw

Turning a House into a Home:
Distinguishing the Effects of Use Rights and Transfer Rights in Urban Chile
Kaitlyn SIMS
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Accountability as a Resolution
for the Intergenerational Sustainability Dilemma
Raja Rajendra TIMILSINA, Koji Kotani, Yoshinori Nakagawa,
Tatsuyoshi Saijo
Kochi University of Technology

Deliberate Fuzziness: A Solution to Negotiation Problems in Banking
Frederik TRAUT
Hertie School of Governance

Education and Innovation:
The Long Shadow of the Cultural Revolution
Zhangkai Huang, Gordon Phillips, Jialun YANG, Yi Zhang
Tsinghua University

The Social Environment and Property Prices
Linchuang YANG
The University of Hong Kong

The Long-Run Effects of the Slave Trade
on the Political Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Yu ZHANG, Zhicheng Xu, Shahriar Kibriya
Nanjing Audit University