2017 Xiamen Workshop: Titles

MAY 14-20, 2017


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To Work or Not To Work:
Male Earnings and Female Labor Force Participation in India
University of California - Riverside

Institutional Reforms, Governance Structure, and Technology Adoption:
Evidence from the Indian Electricity Distribution Sector
Brijesh Bhatt
Humboldt University Berlin

Helping or Grabbing? The Effect of Local Government Size on Firm Entry
Luming CHEN and Ruochen Dai
Peking University

Renounce the Pen for the Plough:
Decollectivization Reform and Educational Inequality
Jingyuan CUI, Yingjie Feng
Peking University

Power Struggle, Power Transfer, and Coalition Dynamics
Xinyu FAN

Vertical Integration and Goodwill: The Case of Real Estate Companies
Xiangrui GONG
The University of Hong Kong

Government-Encouraged Denunciation and Trust:
Evidence from China's One Child Policy
Yi HAN, Yiming Liu
University of Pittsburgh

Local GDP manipulation in China
David JI
Tsinghua University

Does Pollution Permit Trading Make a Difference?
American University in Bulgaria

Minds for the Market: Non-Cognitive Skills in Post-Soviet Countries
Anna KOCHANOVA and Maryam Naghsh Nejad
Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

How Wide Is the Firm Border?
Enghin Atalay, Ali Hortaçsu, Mary Jialin LI, Chad Syverson
University of Chicago

GuanXi Culture and Firm Innovations in China
Chih-Fan LIN
Xiamen University

Informal Land Property Right in China:
A Case Study of the Incomplete-Property-Right Houses
Wanlin LIN and Emily Skarbek
King’s College London

How English Proficiency Affects Income:
Occupational Language Exclusion in Hong Kong
Mengyu LIU
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Economic Reform in a Sectarian-Political Regime: The Case of Electricity in Lebanon
University of Balamand

From Manufacturing to Land Financing: China’s New Growth Model?
Jiawei MO and Shiyuan Chen
The University of Hong Kong

Common Property Resources, Property Rights and Natural Disasters
University of California – Santa Barbara

Do Social Programs Lead to Higher Income for Self-Employed Workers?
Assessing Public Policies and Labor Market Segmentation in Nicaragua
Rony Rodrigo Maximiliano RODRÍGUEZ RAMÍREZ
KDI School of Public Policy and Management

The Pricing of Housing without Legal Title
The University of Hong Kong

Performance Versus Connections: The Fiscal Foundation of Bureaucratic
Power Sharing in the Late Qing China, 1860-1910.
Jinlin WEI, Tianyang Xi
Peking University

Decline of Xiayi: State Building and Revenge in Pre-Modern China,
211 BC - 1911 AD
Shuo Chen, Bo YANG
Fudan University

Institutional Innovation in the Housing Rental Market to Reduce Transaction Cost
Tianwei YANG
The University of Hong Kong

What is the Value of Intellectual Property Protection in China?
Wei YI
Xiamen University

China's Outward Direct Investment: Escape from Institutional Deficiency?
Cheryl Long, Xiangwei ZHANG
Xiamen University

Underreporting of Corruption Scandals in Local Newspapers
Maiting ZHUANG
Paris School of Economics

Tax Amnesty Policy and Moral Hazard
University of Belgrade