2012 Beijing Workshop: Titles

MAY 20–26, 2012


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Responding to Incentives: Does the Lack of Criminal Responsibility among Filipino Juveniles Increase Recidivism Rates?
Rosa Mia L. ARAO
University of the Philippines

Foreign Players in Local Markets: Getting Development Right by FDI Enterprises - An Institutional Analysis of Hong Kong Real Estate Developers in China's Urban Land Market
Steven Xingguang CHEN
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited/Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Games Political Dynasties Play: Province Creation in the Philippines
Prince Christian R. CRUZ
University of the Philippines

Institutions Promoting Fiscal Discipline:
Evidence from Swedish Municipalities
Jens DIETRICHSON and Lina Maria Ellegård
Lund University

Kinship Networks and Firm Performance:
Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms
Hanwei HUANG
Tsinghua University

The Structure of Financial Supervision: Consolidation or Fragmentation
for Financial Regulators? A Game Theoretical Perspective
European Doctorate in Law and Economics

Loss Aversion in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods:
Why Cannot We Achieve the Best Level?
Experimental Evidence from China
Lin JING and Roland Cheo
Shandong University

Does Proxy Access Increase Shareholder Wealth?
Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Torsten JOCHEM
University of Pittsburgh

Why Do Brazilian Voters Punish Corrupt Politicians?
Ivan Chaves JUCÁ
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Data from Lucio Rennó Proprieties Limited, Universidade de Brasília

Surplus Labor Test in China Using Micro Data under Sen's Formulation and Extension Version: Some Implications for Dual Economy System
Jing LI
Peking University

A Study to the Sequential Withdrawing Process of Government
from Economic Sectors in China
Pucheng LIU
Peking University

Can Information Disclosure Really Ease the Lemon Problem?
Measuring Lemons in Housing Market Under Change in Inflation Institution
Soei Yuen Tung MA
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited/Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Social Congestion: Evidence from the USA
National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow

The Role of Formal Contracts in Long-term 'Hybrid' Relationships
Evidence from Service Contracting by Municipalities
Károly MIKE
Corvinus University of Budapest

Will Incomplete Property Rights Distort Land Development?
Evidence from Urban Villages in China
Zhigang NIE
University of Hong Kong

Planting Houses in Shenzhen: Market Prospers without Legal Titles
Shitong QIAO
Yale University and Peking University

Repressive Capacity vs. the Rule of Law: Theory and Evidence from Russia
Institute for Advanced Studies - IMT Lucca

Opinions Matter: Evidence from the Czechoslovak Transition
Dalibor ROHAC
King's College and Legatum Institute

The RHH Framework and the Great Divergence Between New Zealand
and Uruguay After 1930
University of Vienna

Urban Land Development with Incomplete Property Rights:
Theory and Evidence from China
Jianfu SHEN
University of Hong Kong

Razing San Francisco: The 1906 Disaster and the Legacy of Urban Land Use
University of California, Irvine

What Explains China's Housing Boom?
Xin WANG and Yi Wen
Tsinghua University

Cronyism and Hierarchical Efficiency
Zhihao XU
Peking University

Does Land-leasing Reduce Income Inequality in Rural China?
Linyi ZHANG and Yang Yao
Peking University

Some Topics in Forecasting Financial Asset Returns with Macroeconomic Variables
Xiamen University

Social Security Coverage and Household Consumption in China:
Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey
Jing ZHOU and Yang Yao
Peking University