2010 Moscow Workshop: Scenes

Galiani lectures
Sebastian Galiani lectures on methodology using studies of property rights to illustrate the ideas.
Dinner in restaurant
Lively dinners in Moscow restaurants provide plenty of delicious Russian cuisine.
Roundtable presentations
The roundtable "New Institutional Economics: Facing Current and Future Challenges" is introduced by Vladimir Avtonomov, Dean of the Economics Faculty, Higher School of Economics. HSE is the co-organizer of the workshop.
Coffee break
During coffee breaks, faculty and participants share ideas and general conversation. Several HSE organizers - including Alexander Krasilnikov and Anna Balsevich - keep logistics functioning excellently inside and outside the classroom.
A participant presents
Participants present their research projects in plenary session and then face comments and questions.
A toast at dinner
Evenings together in colorful settings facilitate informal networking and enthusiastic toasts. Cheers!