2009 Bratislava Workshop: Scenes

Mary Shirley lectures at workshop
Mary Shirley takes questions from participants during her lecture "Aid and Institutions."
Small group meets during workshop
In small group sessions, participants discuss their projects with faculty and get suggestions for revising their work.
Two participants chat during a coffee break
A coffee break offers relaxation with a touch of humor - a welcome change of pace during the intense daily schedule.
Workshop members wait in auditorium for lecture by Robert Aliber
Workshop members gather in the auditorium of the University of Economics in Bratislava for a lecture by Robert Aliber. Virtual Scientific Laboratories and the Tatra Banka Foundation also co-sponsor the workshop.
Faculty and participants talk together during dinner
Dinner conversations range from professional issues to philosophical musings, arts and hobbies. Among the participants are several talented musicians and at least two marathon runners.
After a goose dinner, participants dance
A magnificent goose dinner at the restaurant Grobska Izba in the village of Slovensk√Ĺ Grob inspires participants to song and dance.