2008 Beijing Workshop: Scenes

2008 Beijing faculty at hotel entrance
On opening day, some of the faculty gather in front of Shaoyuan Hotel at Peking University, ready to welcome workshop participants.
Sebastian Galiani lectures
Sebastian Galiani lectures on microenometrics for causal effects.
Dinner shared by faculty and participants
Delicious food served in a variety of restaurants provides nourishment and pleasure. As one participant writes, "Too good indeed!"
Participants write their responses
During a workshop session, participants rank their selections very, very carefully.
Workshop people examine museum artifacts
At the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology on the Peking University campus, the workshop group admires artifacts spanning 280,000 years of history.
Douglass North dines with workshop participants
Participants enjoy an informal dinner with Douglass North, who spoke in the HSBC Nobel laureate lecture series at Peking University and also came to the workshop for a question-and-answer session.