2007 Reykjavik Workshop: Scenes

2007 Reykjavik participants during a workshop session
Oddi, the Social Science Building of the University of Iceland, houses the workshop sessions.
Douglass NOrth talks informally with participant
Douglass North chats with participant Cintia Lucci before his lecture "Institutions in the Natural State," discussing themes of his forthcoming book.
Accessing the Internet at the workshop hotel
The green sofa in the Gardur Inn lobby is a popular place for those needing wireless Internet access.
Festive dinner in Reykjavik
At dinner in one of Reykjavik's festive restaurants, John Nye and Mary Shirley share ideas and wit with companions.
Reykjavik workshop faculty discuss ideas
A colorful cafe provides the setting for a workshop lunch and discussion between Philip Keefer and Konstantin Sonin.
Oliver Williamson signs a book
Oliver Williamson signs a book for Roman Martusevich before lecturing on "Transaction Cost Economics: An Introduction."