2006 Chicago Conference: Scenes

Ronald Coase and Edward Snyder talk together at 2006 Chicago conference
Edward Snyder, Dean of the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, exchanges greetings with Ronald Coase. The conference was co-sponsored by the George J. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State, University of Chicago.
Ronald Coase greets a conference attendee
Ronald Coase greets Tu Anh Vu Thanh arriving at the conference. Severe ice storms disrupted travel into Chicago, and some attendees had to drive ten hours through a blizzard or fly a day longer. Everyone managed to arrive eventually.
Discussion during the conference
During a session in Gleacher Center, participants Nick Parker, Junlian Zhang, Eduardo Araral, and Erica Gorga listen intently to a presentation.
Steven Levitt lectures
Steven Levitt lectures on "An Economist Sells Doughnuts: A Case Study in Profit Maximization" as Li Qi, Ivan Ribeiro, Danila Raskov, and Bhim Adhikari listen.
A lunch at the conference
During lunches and dinners, young scholars including Danila Raskov and Ram Singh have the opportunity to enjoy food and conversation with Ronald Coase.
Chicago conference attendees together
Conference participants gather beside the University of Chicago's landmark collection of photos.