2005 Barcelona Workshop: Scenes

John Nye lectures on the new institutional narrative
John Nye discusses the new institutional narrative during a lecture on NIE and economic history.
Dinner on a Barcelona evening
Participants and faculty dine together under the night sky beside the sea, serenaded by gypsy violins.
High attention during the workshop
Wisdom - and occasional wit - hold attention through an intense schedule.
A table presented without data
During formal presentations, a remarkably spare table shows one researcher's planned direction of investigation.
Dramatic Barcelona cafe for lunch
Discussions and debates continue every day at lunch, just a short walk from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, which hosted the workshop.
Final workshop dinner at Els Quatre Gats
At Els Quatre Gats - frequented in past times by Picasso and other artists, poets, and musicians - workshop members celebrate with a final dinner.