2003 São Paulo Workshop: Scenes

Douglass North lectures about economic change
Douglass North lectures to the workshop on understanding the process of economic change.
Faculty work with participants on their presentations
Faculty member Elizabeth Farina reads Danny Claro's abstract while José Savoia looks on.
Pleasant conversations during a coffee break
Following an intense work session, participants and faculty relax at a coffee break, enjoying the hospitality of the School of Economics, Business and Accounting at the University of São Paulo.
Before dinner in a Paulista restaurant
Lee Alston, Rosana Gonçalves, and Mary Shirley explore aspects of New Institutional Economics before a seafood dinner in a family-owned Paulista restaurant.
Participants talk with Douglass North after his lecture
Douglass North meets after his lecture with participant Hildo de Souza Filho and Frederico Faccioli, assistant for the workshop. (Decio Zylbersztajn was the coordinator; Christiane Leles Rezende and Matheus Marino also assisted.)
Participants perform, What is the question?
As participants celebrate their workshop graduation, Wladimir Zanoni and Hernan Palau demand that Marcia Moraes tell the group: "What is your question?"