The Ronald Coase Institute
Book Series on New Institutional Economics
at Cambridge University Press

The Ronald Coase Institute is inaugurating a lecture and book series on new institutional economics that will be published by Cambridge University Press. The founding editors are Alexandra Benham, Lee Benham, and Mary Shirley. Three inaugural volumes are underway.

Ronald Coase, Douglass North, Elinor Ostrom, Oliver Williamson, and many subsequent scholars have shown that institutions - laws, rules, norms and culture - are essential to understanding economic phenomena. Much empirical research has confirmed the significance of institutions for firms, organizations, legal systems, states, and societies.  This research has made clear the central roles played by transaction costs, property rights, contracts, and the rule of law.

In this new series, volumes will synthesize the rich results and patterns that emerge from this body of institutional research. These volumes will integrate innovative ideas to examine links across themes. They will consider how specific institutions matter for growth and development, why certain institutions play a major role in some circumstances and not in others, why different institutions persist and why they change, how cognitive and contextual factors influence firms’ governance and contractual choices, and more. This new series will provide an outlet for broad-ranging analyses with the extensive contextual material that institutional investigations need.

The advisory board for this series will help to identify innovative themes, recruit new authors, review proposals, and promote the series.  Advisory board members are Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, Brazil; Sebastian Galiani, USA; Cheryl Xiaoning Long, China; Claude Menard, France; Michael Rochlitz, Germany; and Maros Servatka, Australia.

The inaugural volumes in this series will be:
Gary Libecap, Economic Property Rights: Promises and Constraints

Sebastian Galiani and Gustavo Torrens, Endogenous Institutions: Roles and Determinants

Douglas W. Allen and Bryan Leonard, Why The Rush? The Evolution of Homesteading on the American Frontier.

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