Alumni Publications

Research projects presented at the workshops are intended to develop into published work. A partial list of these publications follows. Alumni are cordially requested to send us citations of their papers that evolved or benefited from their workshop experience.

Adhikari, Bhim
Transaction Costs and Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Nepal. Journal of Environmental Management 78: (2006) 5-15.

Adhikari, Bhim
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Working Paper Series, No. 05/08.

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Ferrato, Elio
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Ferrato, Elio
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Guo, Shiqi, with Pinghan Liang
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Jin, Zhangfeng, with Junsen Zhang
Access to Local Citizenship and Internal Migration in a Developing Country: Evidence from a Hukou Reform in China. Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming 2022.

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Otto-Banaszak, Ilona and others
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Parker, Dominic P.

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Separating Reputation, Social Influence, and Identification Effects in a Dictator Game. European Economic Review, forthcoming.

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Vogler, Jan P.
The Entanglement of Public Bureaucratic Institutions: Their Interactions with Society, Culture, Politics, and the Economy (PDF file). In Interdisciplinary Studies of the Political Order: New Applications of Public Choice Theory, edited by Donald J. Boudreaux, Christopher J. Coyne, and Bobbi Herzberg. Rowman & Littlefield International, 2019, 99-129.

Vogler, Jan P. with Daniel W. Gingerich
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Monarchy, Monopoly and Mercantilism: Brazil Versus the United States in the 1800s. Public Choice 116, 3-4 (2003) 381-398.

Zhang, Junlian
Barriers to Water Markets in the Heihe River Basin in Northwest China. Agricultural Water Management 87 (2007) 32-40.

Zhang, Junlian and Feng-Rong Zhang
Mutual Monitoring in a Tradable Water Rights System: A Case Study of Zhangye City in Northwest China. Agricultural Water Management 95 (2008) 331-338.

Zhong, Ninghua, with Binkai Chen and Ming Lu
How Urban Segregation Distorts Chinese Migrants' Consumption. World Development 70 (2015) 133-146.

Zhong, Ninghua
Corporate Governance of Chinese Privatized Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Non-Listed Enterprises. Journal of Comparative Economics 2015, 1-21.   doi:10.1016/j.jce.2015.05.003

Zhu, Jieming
A Transitional Institution for the Emerging Land Market in Urban China.  Urban Studies 42,8 (July 2005), 1369-1390.

Zhu, Jieming
From Land Use Right to Land Development Right: Institutional Change in China's Urban Development.  Urban Studies 41,7
(June 2004), 1249-1267.

Zhuang, Maitung
Intergovernmental Conflict and Censorship: Evidence from China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign. Journal of the European Economic Association 20,6 (December 2022), 2540-2585.

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