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The Ronald Coase Institute
Seminar: Coasean Approach to Property Rights Research
May 8, 2015     Hong Kong, China
Co-sponsored by The Ronald Coase Centre for Property
Rights Research, The University of Hong Kong,

Topics will include Coasean perspectives on the conduct of economics and research on property rights, how political centralization affects cities and local govennments, and property bubbles in the US, Japan, and China. Speakers will include Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), Marc Law (University of Vermont), Dean Lueck (University of Arizona), and Robert Aliber (University of Chicago). Advance registration is required. See program details and registration.


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The Ronald Coase Institute
Workshop on Institutional Analysis
May 10-16, 2015     Hong Kong, China
Co-sponsored by The Ronald Coase Centre for Property
Rights Research, The University of Hong Kong

Applications are closed

Young scholars worldwide are eligible to apply;
26 participants will be selected competitively.

Hong Kong view from The Peak, 

Attend this workshop to
♦ Hear established institutional scholars discuss their research and their strategies for formulating questions, developing analysis, and communicating results effectively.
♦ Present your own research project twice and receive feedback from many sources
  - first within a small group with faculty guidance
  - after revising, formally to the entire workshop, with assigned discussants.
Ten full-time faculty will provide intensive mentoring to the 26 participants.
♦ Network closely with faculty and other young scholars who have an enduring interest in institutional analysis. After the daily sessions, enjoy informal conversations with faculty and participants during delicious dinners. The workshop ends with a special event and gala dinner.
Upon graduation, become part of a worldwide scholarly network with alumni from 69 countries.

Who is eligible?
Postdoctoral social scientists - early in their careers
Advanced graduate students - in economics, political science, law, and other social sciences.

Selection and attendance
Admission is limited to 26 individuals at most. Participants will be selected competitively on the basis of their research abstracts, CVs, and references. Abstracts are evaluated on the clarity and importance of the research question, the analysis, and the institutional focus. Projects with empirically testable implications are preferred. Admissions decisions will be announced in February.

Note that work already published is not eligible, and previous participants are not eligible to apply again.

The pace is intense and rewarding. Participants must attend all sessions and give as well as receive feedback.

Workshop faculty
Faculty will include Robert Aliber (University of Chicago, Emeritus), Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Lee Benham (Ronald Coase Institute and Washington University in St. Louis, Emeritus), KW Chau (University of Hong Kong), Sebastian Galiani (University of Maryland), Scott Gehlbach (University of Wisconsin), James Kung (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Marc Law (University of Vermont), Dean Lueck (University of Arizona), Maros Servatka (Macquarie Graduate School of Management), Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), Ning Wang (Ronald Coase Institute), Christopher Webster (University of Hong Kong), and Colin Xu (The World Bank).

How to apply (applications are closed)

Organizers and administrators
The organizers are Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), and KW Chau (Ronald Coase Centre for Property Rights Research).  The administrators are Darin Hargis (Ronald Coase Institute) and Moly Lau (Ronald Coase Centre for Property Rights Research).

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The Next Generation of Discovery:
Research and Policy Change Inspired by Ronald Coase
March 27-28, 2015      
Hall of Flags, US Chamber of Commerce Building
1615 H Street, NW   Washington DC, USA
Sponsored by the Ronald Coase Institute and
the Center for International Private Enterprise

Ronald Coase
                Join us for a celebration of the life and work of Ronald Coase, his insights into the conduct of research, and lessons for institutional reform. Coase challenged scholars and policy practitioners to examine real-world institutions, analyze alternative courses of action, and change the way we think about problems.

Speakers will include Nobel laureates Kenneth Arrow and Oliver Williamson, distinguished senior scholars and practitioners, and young alumni of the Ronald Coase Institute. They will discuss the impact of Coasean research on policies and development, share field insights from China and other countries, and chart future directions for innovative, influential research.

See videos from the conference.
See program & speakers.

“We do not know for the most part what is true and what is false, what is significant and what is not.... It is our aim to find out.” - Ronald Coase

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   Workshop comments:
     "Superlative experience" (Boulder)
     "Famous scholars and delicious
        food" (Shanghai)
     "Most exciting workshop I have
        attended" (Singapore)
     "Demanding, intensive and mentally
        exhausting...also one of the most
        rewarding" (Philippines)
     "Best learning experience within last
        31 years" (Bratislava)

Group gathering at Shanghai workshop

  How China Became Capitalist by
       Ronald Coase and Ning Wang is now
       available in hardcover, paperback, and
       electronic versions.


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