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2010 Shanghai Workshop: Titles


DECEMBER 12-18, 2010


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Measuring Transaction Costs in the Chinese Economy
Fengyuan DA
Southwest University for Nationalities

The Impact of the Securities Regulation Code and the Revised Disclosure
Rules on the Information Efficiency of Philippine Stock Prices
University of the Philippines, Diliman

Optimal Design of China’s Health Insurance System:
A Case under Asymmetric Information
Hao DONG and Meng Tian
Peking University

Contraception and Fertility Preference in the Philippines:
Exploring the Influence of Poverty
Vigile Marie B. FABELLA
University of the Philippines

Access to and Development of Technical Assistance Markets:
An Analysis of Peruvian Peasant Economies in the Rural Highlands
Grupo de Analisis para el Desarrollo

Scale Economy in Job Getting: Evidence from Urban China
Hong GAO and Qunli Zhou
Fudan University

Why Have Virtual Enterprises Become Possible?
A Study of Asset Specificity and Contract Risk
Yanwei HAO
Fudan University

To Become Homo Economicus: Concentration and Benefits
of Chinese Communist Party Membership
Yunzhi HU and Yang Yao
Peking University

Roving Bandits in the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue:
A Study of the Impact of Officer Tenure on Tax Collection Efforts
Marianne N. JUCO
World Bank Office Manila

Land Property Rights and Industrial Land Use Efficiency:
A Case Study of Shenzhen
Yani LAI and Lennon H.T. Choy
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Role of the Institutional Structure in the Non-democratic Regime
and the Impact of Powerful Players on Policy Consequences:
The Case of Pre-modern Korea
Don S. Lee
University of California at San Diego

Accountability in One-Party Government:
Rethinking the Success of Chinese Economic Reform
Yuan LI and Mario Gilli
Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
and Universita degli Studi di Milan-Bicocca

Why Cannot Privatization Provide Better Public Services?
A Comparative Study of Two Rural South China Villages
Samson Zhuojun LIU and Bo-sin Tang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

To Leave or to Stay: How Desertification Influences Environmental
Migration in Northwestern China
KuoRay MAO
University of Kansas

Gaming City as a Public Good in Macau: 
Land Administration as a Public Choice?
Cyrus York Yee MOK
University of Hong Kong

A Dynamic Model for Understanding Social and Cultural Differences
in Attitudes towards Corruption: Experimental Evidence from
Auckland, New Zealand; Kolkata, India; and Bangkok, Thailand
Tirnud (Meg) Paichayontvijit
University of Auckland

Veto Players and Corruption
Nara Pavão
University of Notre Dame

Institutional Drivers of Over-Extraction of Water in Mexico
Edgar Rivero Cob
National Institute of Ecology of Mexico

How Institutions Affect Happiness
Houze SONG
Unirule Institute of Economics, China

Property Rights and Political Competition: Economic Analysis
Georgiy Syunyaev
State University – Higher School of Economics

Why Do People Overwork?
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Regulation and Its Institutional Effects on China’s Taxi Industry
Chenli YOU
Transition Institute, China

Missing Markets for Use Rights Transfer of Agricultural Land in China
Cheryl Long and Yan YUAN
Colgate University
and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

User-based Water Allocation and Agricultural Water Use Efficiency:
A Case Study of Water User Associations in Minle County of Gansu
Province, Northwest China
Lei ZHANG, Nico Heerink, and Liesbeth Dries
Wageningen University

Credit Rating and Access to Loans:
A Natural Experiment of Rural Credit Cooperative Association
in Dongtou County, Wenzhou City
Qunli ZHOU            
Fudan University

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